Nelson County Virginia Real Estate Market

Welcome to our page of Nelson County real estate market charts that are designed to put YOU in control of the information that is pertinent to you.   Each chart below is interactive and that means you can click on the titles at the bottom of the search criteria (for instance, “2012-2013″) to add or delete that data on each chart.   We’ll give you suggestions on each one.

The first chart shows you the number of active listings on the market for all home types (detached, townhomes etc) comparing the past 5 years. Although the lines may look confusing, we’ve included all 5 years so that you can choose the information you want. Just click on the month/year at the bottom of each chart to compare or delete the years that interest you. You can easily see how we’ve reduced the inventory of for-sale homes since the foreclosure problems in 2008… a good thing! You may also notice that this chart shows the seasonality of our Albemarle market.

In the next chart, same thing… just click a year on the bottom of the chart if you want to select a simpler version for comparisons. You’ll notice how this pattern mirrors the one on the chart above. Inventory of for-sale homes has been reduced and there are more sales… a good thing!
So, what about the price of homes during these past few years? Below shows the median sales price. “Median” means that half of the number of sales were above this price, and half were below this price. This also reflects how our local market was more stable during the recent years when other parts of the country suffered dramatic losses.
Do you wonder about what sellers are actually receiving for their properties in Albemarle County? Below is a sample of years comparing the Sale Price to the Original List Price. We think this information is valuable for both buyers and sellers of Central VA properties.Information about how many days a property has been on the market (DOM) is pertinent for both sellers and buyers. Sellers can use the information to set their expectations, and buyers might be able to discern a seller’s motivation for negotiation. In particular, notice the trend in 2013.

Next are links where you can DIG DEEPER INTO NELSON COUNTY for Current Market Stats about specific neighborhoods and zip codes. Sometimes these zips extend into adjacent counties so be sure to check for those too.


Amherst 24521 Arrington 22922 Faber 22938
Gladstone 24553 Howardsville 24562 Lovingston 22949
Lyndhurst 22952 Montebello 24464 Nellysford 22938
Norwood 24581 Piney River 22964 Roseland 22967
Schuyler 22969 Shipman 22971 Tyro 22976
Vesuvius 24483 Wingina 24599



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