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Holiday Wreath Workshops at Monticello

November 18, 2014

This is the 28th year of Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello wreath workshops. All materials are provided and you leave with a beautiful handmade wreath. There are several workshops scheduled but you need to reserve your tickets in advance. The first one starts November 28th. Please go to Monticello’s website for more information.

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VDOT Hosts Potential Employees

September 23, 2014

Frequently folks will ask us for updates about any possible jobs or employment opportunities in the area. As an update, the Virginia Department of Transportation is sponsoring a career fair on Sept. 25th 2014.  They want to recruit possible employees for their company, and there will also be sessions teaching about the hiring process and application […]

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Flag Facts

August 11, 2014

There are several special days that our country has designated for the flying of the U.S. flag.   Of course the most obvious one is on Flag Day which occurs on June 14th and commemorates the date that we adopted the flag in 1777. Just weeks prior to Flag Day … on the last Monday in May … […]

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Your Digital Legacy

July 18, 2014

Doink.  Palm slap to forehead.  It never occurred to me until I read an article this morning, that there’s a huge unchartered process that begins if someone dies but they’ve not specified what should become of their online identities and postings. If it’s not spelled out in a person’s will, managing their online accounts after death can […]

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Virginia Tidbits

June 2, 2014

We’re only weeks away from celebrating the birth of our nation and to get in the spirit of things we’re beginning by sharing some information about our own state of Virginia.  Virginia’s history is rich in interesting tidbits of local color.  Of the 4,000 battles that were fought during the Civil War, 2,200 of them […]

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Head Games About Tub Games

March 20, 2014

Over the years we’ve noticed that homebuyers have seemed divided … along generational lines … about the desirability of a bathtub in the master bath.   Granted, great looking tubs can always draw an ooh or an ahhh.   A clawfoot tub, a setting near scenic window views, a deep therapeutic tub, or an ‘organic setting’ with lots of candles […]

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Student Loans Vs Home Ownership By Young Adults

February 23, 2014

Lately the press has taken up the issues regarding student loans as they affect a young generation of potential homebuyers.  This isn’t a silly issue.  It impacts you and me right now, regardless of whether we have loans or children.   Did you know that the largest source of non-home-mortgage or home-equity-debt right now…  is student loans?  The […]

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Valentine Love Story For Home Buyers

February 14, 2014

If you and your spouse are looking for your next home, you might be among those who will “know it when you see it”. We get it.   A home will tug at your heartstrings…. or not…. despite our best attempts to meet a Wish List of criteria that are necessary features. We all select the number of bedrooms, or […]

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For The Love of The Land

December 18, 2013

The Piedmont Environment Council has released For The Love of The Land: 100 Conservation Stories From Across Virginia. You’ll find stories about landowners across Virginia who put their land in Conservation Easements. Land Conservation protects the essential resources we need for life. The book is available for purchase or you can download on line. There […]

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County Real Estate Taxes in Central VA

December 1, 2013

Each local county or municipality in Virginia sets its own real estate property tax rates.  The rates are measured as “cents per 100 dollars” of assessed value.  The City of Charlottesville sets its own rates, independent of its surrounding Albemarle County.  The county supervisors or commissioners can decide to change the tax rates by a […]

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