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Apps & Smartphones

October 31, 2014

Interested in buying or selling a house? It’s a complicated process and there is a lot of information to help you achieve your goal. In today’s world, technology is at the edge of our fingertips, so here are some top apps available on most smartphones to help you gather facts and make the process much easier. […]

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Luxury Homes Days On Market Trend

September 30, 2014

According to,  sales of high-end and luxury homes nationally have improved from a year ago.  Their measurement began with a consideration of days on the market time for all price points at an average of just 82 days on the market.  Naturally, higher priced homes take a bit longer to sell because the pool of potential buyers dwindles […]

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State of Virginia Income Tax Rates

September 29, 2014

Newcomers often ask us what they will need to pay for their State of Virginia portion of their income taxes.  As with many states, it’s not as simple as saying ‘you’ll pay “x”.   Virginia has a formula to determine the taxation rate for various incomes and you can see the State of Virginia Tax Rate Table HERE to calculate […]

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Building Codes in Virginia

September 14, 2014

One of the main focuses of our own real estate business in Central Virginia is rural property.  That might mean farms … gentleman farms or working farms … and often it involves the acquisition of raw land for a variety of purposes.  A very common request comes from folks who’re looking for a great home […]

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New Plans For Charlottesville Coca Cola Building

September 13, 2014

A few years ago we told you about plans to develop the Coca-Cola building on Charlottesville’s Preston Ave. after it was purchased for intended renovation. Those plans did not materialize. Now the 38,000 sq.ft. building …. which was built in an Art Deco style in 1939 and was put on the National Register of Historic Places in […]

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Broadband update for Albemarle and Charlottesville

August 17, 2014

Buyers who are new to our Central VA area are always interested in learning more about the broadband possibilities for the properties they’re considering.   Previously we’ve provided you with this link to a map of broadband operations. But we thought you might enjoy the dialogue and decision-making that are going into plans for Charlottesville and […]

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Your Digital Legacy

July 18, 2014

Doink.  Palm slap to forehead.  It never occurred to me until I read an article this morning, that there’s a huge unchartered process that begins if someone dies but they’ve not specified what should become of their online identities and postings. If it’s not spelled out in a person’s will, managing their online accounts after death can […]

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Virginia Reviews Gas Drilling Regulations

July 17, 2014

Recently on our Farm Blog we’ve been keeping track of the local conversations about the issues of mining for gas in Virginia.  We’ve talked about proposed gas pipelines and where they will exist near our area. But we want to mention it on this Charlottesville blog too because this issue can potentially impact residential Buyers and Sellers as well.  […]

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A Special Pool With Views

June 8, 2014

Recently the folks at Realtor Magazine have reinforced a concept that we believe is important for both buyers and sellers.  Their recent polls confirm that the outdoor spaces are as important to many people as other spaces of the home.   As in, let’s come home from work and relax or entertain outside. Of course the investment of […]

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Your Identity While Moving

May 29, 2014

This has actually happened to me.  We were moving quite a distance from our then-current home.  We were back and forth to our new location on several occasions while we were house-hunting and closing on our new purchase.  As anyone who’s ever moved will know…. there are more than a few details involved in getting […]

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