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Charlottesville People and Places

Famous People

November 21, 2014

Charlottesville, VA is not only known for its climate, scenery and diverse population, it’s also home to some very famous historic people and current stars. Ever wonder if anyone famous is walking around your city? Below is a list of past and present famous people that once used to or still calls central Virginia home! […]

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Keswick Hall Golf Course Layout

September 27, 2014

For more than a year we’ve been waiting eagerly for the golf course at gorgeous Keswick Hall to reopen.  It’s been undergoing an extensive renovation under the guidance of Pete Dye, who’s among the elite with the likes of Robert Trent Jones in the World Golf Hall of Fame… honored for world famous architectural golf course design.  […]

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Shops At Stonefield Expand For the Holidays

September 21, 2014

What do Capital Teas, The Yellow Button, the Rocksalt Oyster Bar, and Suz Somersall Boutique have in common? If you answered that they are 4 of the new stores in the Shops at Stonefield that have announced their openings, you would be right. For those unfamiliar, the Stonefield shops are a shopping center of approximately […]

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Buddy Can You Spare a Ride

September 1, 2014

We’ll try to keep an Uber open mind about this new ride-sharing service that’s come to Charlottesville.   The way it works (in a perfect world) drivers of mid/full sized cars can register with a firm named Uber.  After clearance and background checks, those drivers are available to the public on the Uber phone app where the public can […]

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They’re Baaaaacckkk

August 24, 2014

College towns are great.  Just like Capistrano’s swallows, the UVa students are flocking into Charlottesville again this weekend for the fall school year.   The university continues to expand the size of its first year class … this year’s approximately 3,690 first year students represent 173 more 1st-year students than last year . For businesses and townspeople alike, the […]

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Labor Day Food Fest in Central VA

August 21, 2014

Labor Day September 1, 2014 10AM to 4PM What a great way to spend Labor Day by meeting the Central VA farmers who grow and raise your food!   Many local specialty farms are represented, and one car pass gains entry into all farms. There are more than a dozen farms that will welcome you and they […]

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Charlottesville is a Favorite

July 20, 2014

The praise almost makes us blush.    In the past few weeks Charlottesville has ranked high on more than 5 lists of “Best Of”. According to Travelers Today, Cville is among the top college towns in the country. At Orbitz they recommend that Charlottesville is in their top 5 of places that everyone should visit. We love this […]

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Keswick VA Farm Festival

June 11, 2014

Central Virginia locals know that the estate area just east of Charlottesville in Keswick has some of the most spectacular scenery and horse farms in the country.  This Saturday on June 14, 2014 those residents contribute their efforts and talents to support charities by offering a fair for people to see some of the gorgeous farms in the Keswick […]

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The Old Guy With The White Hair

October 6, 2013

Even though we all have been educated in various schools and circumstances, it’s likely that most Americans have heard something about George Washington and a cherry tree.  Or did George Washington have a kite and it was actually Ben Franklin and a cherry tree?  Was Ben Franklin a president and is his face on a dollar bill?  […]

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Eater Review of Charlottesville Restaurants

October 1, 2013

Previously we’ve written about many of our personal favorite places to eat in Charlottesville.  You’ll find many of those reviews in our categories on the right of this page under such titles as ‘Restaurants’ and ‘Charlottesville People and Places’. Now there’s a fresh view of some of the newer eateries in C’ville that’s catching folks’ attention, […]

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