Avoid Car-Deer Collisions

by staff on October 3, 2014

See below for chances of collision with VA deerThere you are, rumbling along the highway, lost in thoughts…. when… BAM.  Your whole life can change.  Yes, we’re talking about the suicidal deer that’s been waiting for you to come along.

It’s not something to be taken lightly though.  Deer/car collisions claim many lives and cause injuries to humans and the deer.  Not to mention the millions of dollars in damages that are documented by your car insurance companies.

Insurance companies are paying attention.  They’ve just released their list of the Top 10 States for Deer/Car Collisions.  And as you might suspect, Virginia is in the top ten (number 9 on their list).  The #1 state is right next door in West Virginia, and the complete list is at the bottom.  An average car/deer auto claim can be approximately $3888 in damages.

Be especially vigilant on the highways at dawn and dusk when the deer are moving around.  And don’t forget that Oct/Nov/Dec is mating season and hunting season, and those deer are being driven by all kinds of forces, at a time of year where nightfall can coincide with commuting time.  If a deer crosses the road in front of your car, there are good odds that another one is just behind it, so be alert.

Your Odds of Hitting a Deer:

1. West Virginia 1 in 39
2. Pennsylvania 1 in 71 (does it seem to you like PA highways are littered with deer?)
3. Montana 1 in 75
4. Iowa 1 in 77
5. South Dakota 1 in 82
6. Mississippi 1 in 84
7. Wisconsin 1 in 85
8. Minnesota 1 in 88
9. Virginia 1 in 88
10. South Carolina 1 in 93

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