Buddy Can You Spare a Ride

by staff on September 1, 2014

Uber Ride SharingWe’ll try to keep an Uber open mind about this new ride-sharing service that’s come to Charlottesville.   The way it works (in a perfect world) drivers of mid/full sized cars can register with a firm named Uber.  After clearance and background checks, those drivers are available to the public on the Uber phone app where the public can choose a driver and car nearby to catch a ride.  Sorta like hitchhiking with an app instead of a thumb.

Yes, there are fees for the trip (see details regarding operation HERE) which are available on the phone app, though it might require a bit of a leap of faith for both driver and passenger, who may have been previously unknown to each other.    Uber is already in other cities and has been met with a predictable amount of skepticism from local cab drivers in those cities.  We’ll see.

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