They’re Baaaaacckkk

by staff on August 24, 2014

UVaCollege towns are great.  Just like Capistrano’s swallows, the UVa students are flocking into Charlottesville again this weekend for the fall school year.   The university continues to expand the size of its first year class … this year’s approximately 3,690 first year students represent 173 more 1st-year students than last year .

For businesses and townspeople alike, the students bring an infusion of youthful exuberance, fresh outlooks, and of course the money that helps businesses in the area.  Students purchase everything from groceries to clothing to furniture and in doing so they interact with the locals in a new way every year.  Their orientation begins this weekend and classes begin on Tues 8/26/14.

After that there’s the blur of extracurriculars that will fill the few weeks between now and their family weekend on 10/31,  then a quick pause until the 11/26 Thanksgiving break.

It’s fun to observe the first-year students especially.  No, don’t call them freshmen.  At UVa they are First Year.  This weekend is insane, a tangle of cars unpacking bikes and bedding, jockeying for position in the few parking spaces around the campus and flooding eateries like BoDo’s in chatty mobs.  For the next few weeks as they bond with each other, they can be seen strolling the aisles of the grocery stores together, carefully and considerately blending their own food preferences with those of their roommates.  They discuss the merits of vegan and organic.  They are now quite grown up and are very particular about what they choose for their body-is-my-temple.

Fast forward to next May.  These same students are in the same lines at the same stores, only this time their cart is loaded with nachos and beer.  Makes me smile to realize how some things seem to be kinda predictable.  College towns are great.


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