Virginia Reviews Gas Drilling Regulations

by staff on July 17, 2014

Recently on our Farm Blog we’ve been keeping track of the local conversations about the issues of mining for gas in Virginia.  We’ve talked about proposed gas pipelines and where they will exist near our area.

But we want to mention it on this Charlottesville blog too because this issue can potentially impact residential Buyers and Sellers as well.  The gas companies are arranging leases with property owners and in some cases those leases may allow the controversial practice of fracking in the earth to release the gasses.  Buyers may want to seek this information when they do their due diligence for their purchase, and the nature of the property may determine if adjacent parcels could impact the soil or water or air as well.

The VA Dep’t of Mines, Minerals and Energy has sponsored a group to review the current VA laws as they pertain to issues such as drilling methods, disclosure of chemicals used in the mining process, and groundwater quality.  For the benefit of property buyers it would be helpful to have a convenient reference source of current/existing leases.  And also sellers need to be prepared for these questions too.

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