Charlottesville is a Favorite

by staff on July 20, 2014

Charlottesville AwardsThe praise almost makes us blush.    In the past few weeks Charlottesville has ranked high on more than 5 lists of “Best Of”.

According to Travelers Today, Cville is among the top college towns in the country.

At Orbitz they recommend that Charlottesville is in their top 5 of places that everyone should visit.

We love this one – - #9 Favorite Mountain Town in the country according to Travel & Leisure.

We’re a perennial favorite with Wine Enthusiast Magazine who loves us for being in the Top 5 Foodie Cities

I must have been asleep or working when Movoto Real Estate decided we were the Most Exciting Place in Virginia.  (I don’t get out much).

They particularly like the Downtown Mall with its restaurants and arts, the college atmosphere, the history of places like Monticello, and the stunning natural beauty of our Blue Ridge Mountain views.    And some polls even mention our friendly sociable locals.  The only thing better than visiting us … is living here.


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