Virginia Tidbits

by staff on June 2, 2014

Virginia Counties MapWe’re only weeks away from celebrating the birth of our nation and to get in the spirit of things we’re beginning by sharing some information about our own state of Virginia.  Virginia’s history is rich in interesting tidbits of local color.  Of the 4,000 battles that were fought during the Civil War, 2,200 of them were fought in Virginia.  There are those who would correct that statement by referring to it as The War of Northern Aggression or even as The Recent Unpleasantness.  The capital of the Confederacy, Richmond, is now the capital of the state.

Did you know that Kentucky and West Virginia owe their very existence to the fact that they were carved from a huge Eastern Seaboard area once known in its entirety as ‘Virginia’?   Try to figure out which Virginia office building is the largest in the world?  (hint: the Pentagon)    Approximately 1 out of every 4 workers in Virginia works for the U.S. government.  And 8 U.S. presidents and 6 president’s wives were born in Virginia.

Livestock products have replaced tobacco as the leading source of agricultural income for Virginians.  Visitors to the Charlottesville area might assume that the Central VA highway named Seminole Trail might have had something to do with a local Indian tribe …. but most say that’s not so.  Local Virginia tribes included the Monocan, Nottaway, Occaneechi, Cherokee, Iroquois, Shawnee, Meherrin, and Manahoac.    Seminole Trail was apparently named for its access as a highway to regions like Florida and Georgia where the Seminole tribes lived.  Perhaps an early Virginia marketing technique?  The geographical center of Virginia is in the rural county of Buckingham.

Celebrities with Virginia roots include Sandra Bullock, David Arquette, Perry Ellis, Dave Matthews, William Faulkner, Katie Couric, Pocahontas, Bob Saget, Ryan Zimmerman, Shirley MacLaine, Pat Benatar, and Robert Duvall.

You can find more Virginia tidbits here.


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