An MLS Gives Dollar Value For Sellers

by staff on April 23, 2014

When a Seller decides to sell, there are various ways to go about it.  Hire a Realtor and feature on their MLS?  For Sale By Owner and save the fee?  Limited Service listing and pay a fee-for-service?   All of these choices have worked for some sellers, depending upon their particular circumstances.

But one of those choices will put more money in a Seller’s pocket than the other choices.   Hire a Realtor and put your property on the MLS.  Over and over, studies have shown that even when the listing fee is considered, the Seller will walk away from the closing table with more money than if they had limited the professional exposure of their property.

Another study seems to have confirmed that again.  This time a review of the San Francisco area revealed that Sellers who kept their properties off-MLS-market received an average of $200,000 less for their properties.  This study focused exclusively on the Seller’s decision not to allow their property to be shared/shown on the MLS (they did not consider FSBO etc).   But as you’ll see from the stats in the link, the median sold price of homes sold in 2013 that were listed in the MLS was over $900,000…. but just $700,000 if the property had been withheld from the MLS.

Someone who avoids MLS exposure might get a quicker sale for a number of reasons (underpriced?  agents motivated to claim both sides of commission?)   But repeat studies indicate that a Realtor can give you pricing advice, market information, and guidance that will ultimately allow you to pay your Realtor fees and still walk away with more money for yourself.

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