Head Games About Tub Games

by staff on March 20, 2014

ShowersOver the years we’ve noticed that homebuyers have seemed divided … along generational lines … about the desirability of a bathtub in the master bath.   Granted, great looking tubs can always draw an ooh or an ahhh.   A clawfoot tub, a setting near scenic window views, a deep therapeutic tub, or an ‘organic setting’ with lots of candles and scents and greenery – - all of these can draw praise from a buyer of any age.

But then it starts to get serious.  They begin to compare features of all the homes on their list of considerations.  Then they place a value on that amazing sexy tub, and often opt for the floor space instead.  Would you buy another almost-equal home if it didn’t have the master tub?  Is there also a terrific shower somewhere in the master bath?

Our anecdotal experience is that young buyers or first-time buyers put a hefty value on the master tub.  It matters to those buyers because they’re envisioning the lives that they’re about to create, and the tub experience is right up there with the glass of wine on the veranda.

Master Bath TubsBut older or more experienced buyers often equate the master tub to a complete waste of floor space, regardless of how well-designed.   Those folks are often the “shower” people who’ve previously had a master tub that did nothing but collect dust.  They’ve used it twice in the past 10 years (somewhat like their treadmill that did nothing but collect clothes).  They draw up plans for remodeling the tub into a dressing table area or another closet space or a sitting area.  Anything but a tub.

Recently 7,645 homeowners answered a survey that included their thoughts about master bathroom tubs and – - no surprise to us – - 43% of the overall folks surveyed said that their remodeling plans would include replacing a master tub with some other feature in the master bathroom.  An informal Google poll resulted in preferred showers vs baths by almost 2.5 to 1 margin.  Even most real estate sites advise that if you already have a tub anywhere else in the  house, a master bedroom bathtub isn’t necessary.

Garden Bathtubs Apparently the design of choice right now…. is a clear seamless glass shower.  But for those who still prefer a bath (and those who don’t blink at spending $47,000 for their tub) the link in the next sentence has one that comes in your favorite color of bright red.  You don’t need to buy 2 of them, one will accommodate two people and even has 2 HDTV’s built in.

And rounding out our shower/bath topic, next is a link to an illustrated version of the differences in the way that men and women shower.   This is as ‘personal’ as we get.   TMI about personal hygiene.




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