The Old Guy With The White Hair

by staff on October 6, 2013

U.S. Presidents. Can you Name Them?Even though we all have been educated in various schools and circumstances, it’s likely that most Americans have heard something about George Washington and a cherry tree.  Or did George Washington have a kite and it was actually Ben Franklin and a cherry tree?  Was Ben Franklin a president and is his face on a dollar bill?  Or was our country’s first president Thomas Jefferson?

No.  Wrong.  It’s a bit puzzling that the only pieces of presidential information that many of us can reference… are trivial anecdotes but not achievements nor accomplishments nor viewpoints nor contributions.  But that’s another topic.  We’re talking about presidential ‘recognition’ here.

No matter where we went to school,  according to the U.S. Mint survey,  most Americans can’t identify the early presidents by their photos… and can’t name which presidents are on money or are carved on Mt. Rushmore … and can’t name the first few presidents nor the order of their time in office.

It could be worse.  A study has shown that 40% of Americans can’t name the current Vice President.  That may be just fine by Joe.

Yet it seems a bit surprising in regards to Charlottesville locals because not only is Central Virginia the home of 3 early presidents (Madison, Monroe, Jefferson) and their residences here are still open to the pubic … their architecture, philosophies, styles and scientific legacies are still evident here.   We are only a couple of hours from the D.C. political centers, where George Washington’s Mt. Vernon home is open for tours.   And the U.S. Mint is located in Richmond, printing out the bills and coins with those old guys’ faces on them.

An Oklahoma study once revealed that 75% of students couldn’t name the first U.S. President.

HERE’S a quick synopsis of all of our Presidents and how they got their names.   HERE’S where you can learn why neither George Bush nor Barack Obama is eligible to be on currency.   And if someone gives you a $10,000 bill with Salmon Chase’s face on it, is it likely to be legit?  (Hint: answer in link)


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