Charlottesville’s JAG Law Center and School

by staff on July 16, 2013

3-Star JAG OfficerAs Realtors, a favorite part of our introductory tour of Charlottesville involves the military Judge Advocate General (JAG) program.  These military lawyers are unique in many ways, first being their dedication to a legal career in the military justice system.  They focus on areas such as civil law, international law, criminal litigation, rules of engagement and detention.

But it’s surprising how many people have no idea that the JAG facility is in Charlottesville… nor even what the JAG means.  The Judge Advocate General Law Center and School is located on the campus of UVa.    It is there that the legal authorities of Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines, study to further their credentials…. for promotion, for teaching opportunities, and for command positions as lawyers.

Recently Brigadier General Flora Darpino, a female one-star general, has been selected to become the Judge Advocate General of the Army, pending approval from the Senate.  General Darpino will go from being a 1-star general to a 3-star general.  Yes, it’s a big deal.

Consider these numbers:  nearly 540,000 men and women are in the Army and of that number, only 230 are generals.  And of the 230 generals, only 51 have 3 stars…. and a very small fraction of those 51 are women.   This is one time when we feel we can say , very literally, General Darpino we salute you!

If you’d like more details on the JAG program…. or on what it takes to become a JAG in each of the various branches of the military… check out the links above.



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