New Seniors Housing Option in Charlottesville

by staff on April 18, 2013

Seniors Rental Apartments Charlottesville VAThere’s going to be a greater number of  ‘maturing’ Seniors as the Boomers age.  And the Boomers are reknowned for refusing to act in a manner traditionally assigned to their age.  So it’s no surprise that active healthy Seniors are carefully selecting housing based on their unique status in life.

Charlottesville now has an option called The Independence, a new style of living for Seniors.   The complex was formerly a student apartment complex that’s been refurbished.  Three features that should appeal to retirees in our area, are its handy location to all of the downtown activities and shops, its spaciously-sized apartments, and most notably… that these are rentals.  That means Seniors don’t have to maintain their yards or homes, and by renting they can free up a lot of money that would otherwise need to be invested in their home,…. in order to do other activities like travel.

You can check the link above for more details about The Independence and here’s a link to a sample of their floorplans.  And of course give us a call if you still decide you’d like to buy a property in our area instead of renting!

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