Readers and Writers Retreat at Charlottesville Estate

by staff on March 23, 2013

Castle Hill Estate Near CharlottesvilleCastle Hill is an historic estate on 600 acres not far from Charlottesville.  Its visitors have included Thomas Jefferson and James Monroe.  And this spring its visitors will also include writers from across the country who will participate in the the first Writers Retreat at the estate.

The retreat is scheduled for May and you can check out the DETAILS HERE.  There’s some star power behind this event… local authors Sissy Spacek and John Grisham for instance…. but although it will be interesting for other writers to interact with the stars, the retreat itself is intended to provide some relaxing extended time for writers to share and learn from each other.

The Castle Hill estate itself makes the experience worthwhile.  Close your eyes and picture your own image of what a ‘genteel Virginia plantation’ looks like… and you’re likely seeing Castle Hill.  The views are gorgeous rolling pastures at the foothills of the Southwest Mountains. It was built prior to the Revolutionary War in 1765.  At one point the manor house was rumored to have ghosts but even that is handled with charming southern tact in These Instructions.  Recently they’ve offered to host weddings either in their luxury ‘barn’ or on one of the lawns, and the Castle Hill Cidery makes the venue unique too. 

If you want to participate in this year’s retreat, the numbers are:  30 guests, 10 significant authors, over 3 days.  Guest pampering will include food preparation by the Clifton Inn, a wine tasting, a dinner theater, and poolside luncheon.  Really.  It doesn’t get any better than this.  CLICK HERE for the event details and registration information.

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