Charlottesville’s Innovative Center For Open Science

by staff on March 9, 2013

Scientific Testing in CharlottesvilleAnother “first” for Charlottesville:  In an age where ‘transparency’ is a buzzword for corrections of all types, it’s hard to believe that until now there was no place where scientific research is shared by multiple entities.  But now Charlottesville has the first Center for Open Science research facility.

In an effort to protect researchers’ designs and hypotheses, they will be able to register them prior to beginning their testing.  After that, the shared and open environment should lead to collaboration, and to encourage others to replicate the studies for more credibility of the factual findings.  The Center is also able to offer grants for studies of all kinds … the details are in the link at the top of this page…. and at this time they are hiring people to fill jobs.


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