Charlottesville, Albemarle, and Virginia All Gain Residents

by staff on January 26, 2013

The Weldon Cooper Research Center located on the campus of UVa has just released its report on population growth in various parts of Virginia in 2010-2012.    They estimate that Charlottesville’s population increased from its 2010 count of 43,475 in the 2010 census …to 45,073 last July… which is approximately 3.7% growth.

Albemarle County also grew in the past couple of years… from 2010′s 98,970… to 2012′s  101,575 people in 2012…. approximately 2.6%.

The Center’s stats for the regional area showed consistent population growth too.  When they looked at Charlottesville and its county of Albemarle, plus surrounding counties of Greene, Fluvanna, and Nelson… they estimate a gain of 5,056 people in two years.

Overall their records show that the state of Virginia has gained 2.3% more population since 2010 which puts its ranking at 13th fastest growing state.

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