How To Be The Best -The Inn at Little Washington VA

by staff on September 20, 2012

Inn at Little Washington VirginiaThere’s great.  There’s superb.  There’s The Best.  And then there’s The Best of The Best.  For decades, we’ve been fortunate that Central Virginia’s Inn at Little Washington has been acknowledged as The Best of The Best.

Excellence doesn’t happen by mistake.  It doesn’t happen without a lot attention to detail,  a few battles, a bit of humor and plenty of well-timed luck.  This recent account of the details of the Inn at Little Washington is one of the best we’ve seen.  It will take you through its history as well as show you the painstaking details that have consistently made the food, the presentation, and the hospitality at this Inn… The Best.

If you want to reward someone with a first-class treat, this is your place.  We can vouch for their attention to detail.  We happened to be present one afternoon between sittings, when the staff was meticulously going through its checklists in order to get the setup for the evening ‘just right’.  The list had literally hundreds of reminder items… the unseen details that make the silverware sparkle and the candles fresh and the glasses centered ‘just so’.  It was remarkable to watch.  Enjoy the full article in the link above.

The Inn at Little Washington

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