Charlottesville has America’s #1 Most Beautiful Hospital

by staff on July 7, 2012

Martha Jefferson Hospital in Charlottesville VALet’s hear it for Charlottesville’s new Martha Jefferson Hospital complex.   Very often the world hears about the other Charlottesville hospital – - the University of Virginia hospital, a renowned teaching facility associated with UVa.  But Charlottesville has always had another fine hospital too … Martha Jefferson Hospital.  

And MJH has  just been named the winner of a national contest which named it the #1 Most Beautiful Hospital in America.   Over 170,000 votes put MJH at the top of the list.  The physical structure of the facility is inviting and very user-friendly.  It has an arguably world-class view, of the Blue Ridge Mountains just beyond the city lights of Charlottesville.  That’s no accident, because this facility shows the result of years of careful planning and research, all toward the goal of providing a calm reassuring atmosphere for patient care.  Congratulations MJH.

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