Wintergreen Resort is a Piece of his Puzzle

by staff on June 18, 2012

Wintergreen Resort GolfRecently Wintergreen Resort in Nelson County has weathered a couple of economic blows.  As a ski resort with two of the warmest winters on record, they’ve struggled to generate income during the winter months.  And as a full-scale community dependent upon a second-home clientele, they’ve also taken the brunt of the housing economic crunch.  

Recently it was announced that the resort was sold to Jim Justice… a billionaire businessman whose varied holdings include The Greenbrier Hotel in West Virginia.  Mr. Justice has put a lot of money and effort into his properties, and he says he intends to do the same with Wintergreen.   

His is no idle purchase.  He has a plan for creating a unique “tour” of hotels and golf courses that would tie together throughout Virginia into West Virginia.    He already owns nine golf courses that would become part of his dream of a “Trail of the Virginias”.    He is well on his way towards achieving that goal and we think you’ll enjoy the details of his plan in  THIS LINK.  

We can envision many people who would want to begin… and then complete… a visit to each of the hotels and golf courses in his trail challenge.

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