Neil’s Opinion of the Charlottesville By-Pass

by staff on October 4, 2011

Neil Williamson is a well-known Charlottesville observer/participant in the business and real estate-related issues of central Virginia.  He’s the president and executive director of the Free Enterprise Forum, a privately funded organization with a focus on local governments.  Neil has contributed enormous energy, research, and planning to a variety of entities… including our Charlottesville Area Association of Realtors.    He’s present at civic meetings that sometimes become contentious or else so tedious that he’s the only one in the room who’s not nodding off …  he’s still taking careful notes. 

Neil’s opinion is an informed opinion.  Even when we might not agree with him, we respect his measured and thorough approach to promoting what’s best for Central Virginia.  With that brief background, we thought you might find it interesting to read about Neil’s opinion of the necessity for the Charlottesville Rt.29N bypass, a 6-mile loop around Charlottesville that is intended to remove some of the traffic from the Rt.29 corridor.  He supplies you with facts and figures that he’s acquired from countless hours of meetings and public hearings.  We think it’s great food for thought.  Check out the link above.

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