Albemarle County VA Real Estate Statistics

by staff on September 15, 2011

The City of Charlottesville is in the center of Albemarle County and also in the center of Virginia (map at bottom). With UVa and the medical centers, government facilities, art and school choices, property prices tend to be a bit higher as you get closer to Charlottesville.  In Albemarle County you can also expect a relatively high percentage of Sold vs. List prices.  Details below.

And below is what you can expect if you’re focusing on the short sale/foreclosure market in Albemarle County.

So how about the number of days a property remains on the market before it is sold? (DOM) Below we’ve compared DOM for the entire Albemarle market. Because our firm handles many farms and estates, as a bonus we’ve shown you how $1M+ properties take some time to sell. It’s been historically true that more expensive homes take a bit longer (fewer potential buyers). There might not be anything wrong with that mansion you’ve been eyeing on the market for a long time … it’s just simple market dynamics at work.

This year in Albemarle County, 3-4 bedroom homes are in demand.

And here are the number of active residential listings on the market in Albemarle County…. the inventory of ‘for sale’ properties.

Albemarle County has outperformed neighboring counties with respect to the real estate market in recent months.

Albemarle County Virginia

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