Four Great Sandwich Shops around Charlottesville

by Gayle on July 22, 2011

StoneFire Kitchen in Barboursville, Virginia

StoneFire Kitchen

Having been the “picky eater” all my life, I often hear when showing real estate around Charlottesville, how great it is that I introduce my clients to the best places in the area to eat. I guess, in a way, “picky” has its rewards! I thought I’d share with you, my top four quick sandwich lunch spots in central Virginia.

  1. The Market: No list of great sandwich places in Charlottesville would be complete without these guys, Tiger Fuel’s “The Market.” As I tell my clients that we’ll just grab something at the gas station, you can see the image of two-day old hotdogs rolling around in their heads. Upon fininshing up the last crumb, I usually hear, I never expected a sandwich like that from a gas station!
  2. Greenwood Gourmet Grocery

    Greenwood Gourmet Grocery

  3. Greenwood Grocery: Driving Rt. 250 West of Charlottesville just past the I64 West intersection is this rustic building that looks more like a pottery than a restaurant. Stop immediately and go in and you’ll be delighted in the sights and smells of local produce in season & freshly-baked breads as well as their terrific selection of wines and beer. Order a sandwich, you’ll be amazed!
  4. Stonefire Station Kitchen: At the intersection of Rt. 33 & Rt. 20 in Barboursville sits StoneFire Kitchen. They too, have a great wine & beer selection, but it is the food that captures you! Everything is made fresh and you won’t want to stop eating!
  5. The Piedmont Deli: Located in a simple looking commercial retail strip off of Rt. 29 in Madison is this hidden gem. Each week they have specials as well as their regular menu items. Go to their FaceBook page to see what their specials are for this week.

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