Bundoran Farms Development Gets Bank Support

by staff on July 13, 2011

Bundoran Farms Near Charlottesville VABundoran Farm is a development west of the city of Charlottesville VA.  The concept of Bundoran Farm has been to maintain and perpetuate its 2,000+ acres of approximately 100 lots…. as a preserved rural agrarian enclave.   The community is under various land use and conservation restrictions which were designed to maintain the rural feel, while allowing sustainable residential development of lots on a portion of the land.   In fact it has cattle grazing and orchards, a winery, and a distinctly “farm” feel to it.    The land is gorgeous and the location is spectacular.

However, a couple of circumstances have led to a situation where Wells Fargo bank has purchased most of Bundoran Farms at a foreclosure auction.    Wells Fargo has stated its intention of keeping the low-density of its approximately 100 lots and perpetuating Bundoran as a model of quality sustainable development. 

Real estate continues to be sold at Bundoran Farms, and we hope Wells Fargo is able to provide the necessary support for this visionary development.   It’s a peaceful rural upscale “green” plan that deserves to be done properly, and we’ll keep you posted on updates.   If you’re looking for acreage with the goal of sustainable farming and building…. let us know, we’ll be glad to connect you to more information on the Bundoran Farms development.   It’s a unique concept for a sustainable farm community.

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