Analysis of the Battle of Bull Run

by staff on July 25, 2011

Many of our real estate clients have selected central Virginia for their homes, due in part to the significant historical role that Virginia has played in our country.  Events such a Civil War re-enactments can easily be found, historic properties are in demand, and there is a general reverence for the value of history.

In that spirit,  below is a link to a New York Times excerpt from an address by Edward L. Ayers, president and professor of history at the University of Richmond.   He gives a fascinating account of the details and meaning of Bull Run in our country’s history.   It is his contention that although the battle at Bull Run was hoped … by both sides… to be a brief victory,  the fact that it led to significant struggle and debate and reflection and compromise…. has made us a more unified thoughtful country in many ways.   It’s a good read even for non-history-buffs!

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