Charlottesville Celebrity Homebuyers – 5 Needs

by staff on May 17, 2011

There are particular rhythms and patterns to the needs that our buyer clients express to us.   Around Charlottesville, whether it’s somebody looking for land (size, fencing, view, woods, water etc.) …. or a residential prospect (bedrooms, historic, schools, granite/hardwood etc) … the buyer’s needs tend to fall into familiar patterns.

Celebrity Home NeedsBut what about people who are celebrities?  When money hasn’t been an object for a long time, and privacy is a major concern, how do celebrities set the standard for their own unique needs?

Here is a link to 4 Needs Of Celebrity Homebuyers as published by the National Association of Realtor’s magazine.  Hint: the foremost #1 need is … (predictably) … “privacy”.     And their celebrity need to have their spaces all under one roof, rounds out our list of 5.
Of course we would add to their list by noting that celebrities need a good Realtor as much, or more, than other folks looking for an appropriate property for their own needs.

There are many well-known celebrities who live in the Charlottesville and Central VA area.  Most of them could live anywhere, but they choose ‘here’ for lots of reasons.  One of those reasons is that the local people treat them with respect for their privacy, and they are able to carry out their lives without a lot of intrusion.  We love that.   And of course we honor that privacy too.

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