Charlottesville Real Estate Sales December 2010

by staff on January 8, 2011

The numbers regarding December home sales and land sales in central Virginia have finally been reported to our local MLS by our Realtors.   In a nutshell, December was a month of “clearance”.   The end of the month saw fewer homes on the market than at the beginning of the month.  This is a typical trend in most areas during December…. for a number of reasons.

In some cases, sellers remove their homes from active listings during the holidays…. in order to be away for vacations or family celebrations.  Many times it’s their intent to put the properties back on the market during the first part of the new year.  In other cases, sellers may have set an arbitrary deadline for themselves…. either sell by year-end or make other plans that may not involve relocation.  In any event,  most people do not buy homes for Christmas presents, and we anticipate a certain amount of market attrition during December.  As you’ll see in the charts below,  land is impacted to a somewhat lesser degree by the seasonality than homes are.   

The next charts will show you the flow of sales during the last half of 2010.

Home Sales Details for Charlottesville and Central Virginia

December Home Sales in Central VA

In many cases, land “under” 2 acres will represent parcels in various subdivisions.

December 2010 Land Sales in Central VA

2010 Land Sales in Charlottesville and Central VA

We have particular reasons for the method of categorizing and tracking the various demographics of real estate sales in Charlottesville and the central Virginia area in general.  We’re always happy to explain those to you in more detail… just let us know what you’d like?    For your convenience, in other articles we have these statistics identified by “counties” as well.

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