Mystery. What Happened to the Water?

by staff on October 5, 2010

The gated community of Lake Monticello in Fluvanna County Virginia is, as the name implies, situated around a large body of water named Lake Monticello.  The main lake is shaped like a bunch of outstretched fingers, providing plenty of shoreline for homeowners who want a water view.   In addition to the main lake, there are a couple of smaller ponds/lakes in other sections of Lake Monticello as well.  Today we learned that one of these small lakes lost most of its water….. overnight!

Here’s the  LINK TO THE WHOLE STORY .  It’s baffling to imagine the causes or scenario of how a lake might lose its water.  It’s also interesting to the locals because many of them were not even aware that there was a lake in that location, because it is accessed through the residential portion of the community.   We’ll keep you posted when we have updates on the investigation.  Below the lake is circled on the map… you can see that it is near the Turkeysag gate of Lake Monticello near Rt. 53.  

Lake Monticello pond in Fluvanna Co. Virginia

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