Charlottesville Virginia Children’s Activities

by staff on September 24, 2010

Charlottesville VA Kid's ActivitiesHere’s a recent report in the local media that makes us feel good and we think that parents of toddlers will love this story.  It seems that a local woman from Ivy VA takes care of children during the day, and over the years she’s learned of places to go with the kids that will entertain them.  Because she received so much positive feedback for her attention to points of interest for young children, she was encouraged to write a book to share her experiences and locations that she’s visited.

The result is a new book she wrote, titled “A Toddler’s Guide to Charlottesville“.   Even for adult residents (and especially for newcomers to the area) this book is a great reminder to pay attention to the wonder of the parks and natural resources that are very entertaining on their own.  She has divided the book into sections featuring topics such as “Indoor Play Areas” and “Eating Out” .

This book has sold quickly, and she already has another Toddler’s Guide in the works for next summer.  Here’s a link to retail outlets where her book can be purchased.    Have fun!

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