Charlottesville is a Favorite

by staff on July 20, 2014

Charlottesville AwardsThe praise almost makes us blush.    In the past few weeks Charlottesville has ranked high on more than 5 lists of “Best Of”.

According to Travelers Today, Cville is among the top college towns in the country.

At Orbitz they recommend that Charlottesville is in their top 5 of places that everyone should visit.

We love this one – - #9 Favorite Mountain Town in the country according to Travel & Leisure.

We’re a perennial favorite with Wine Enthusiast Magazine who loves us for being in the Top 5 Foodie Cities

I must have been asleep or working when Movoto Real Estate decided we were the Most Exciting Place in Virginia.  (I don’t get out much).

They particularly like the Downtown Mall with its restaurants and arts, the college atmosphere, the history of places like Monticello, and the stunning natural beauty of our Blue Ridge Mountain views.    And some polls even mention our friendly sociable locals.  The only thing better than visiting us … is living here.



Your Digital Legacy

by staff on July 18, 2014

Online AccountsDoink.  Palm slap to forehead.  It never occurred to me until I read an article this morning, that there’s a huge unchartered process that begins if someone dies but they’ve not specified what should become of their online identities and postings.

If it’s not spelled out in a person’s will, managing their online accounts after death can become a complicated matter.   We used to have actual file cabinets that trusted family or friends would manage after our demise.  Sometimes loved ones kept or cherished the files of letters and photos.  If the deceased person was famous or significant for their stored contributions (art, Pulitzer prize ideas, design, poetry etc.) the items could have great monetary value in the future.

But now our file cabinets are our emails, YouTube, Facebook and similar postings.  Do you really want your survivors to have access to your entire online history?  What if your family is desperate to preserve precious photos and memories from your online postings?  What if your survivors need access to your accounts to be able to settle your estate?  When should access end and how much access should be allowed for different types of online activities … like Zoosk or Pinterest?

Who should have control of those remaining accounts?  Can someone potentially tweet thoughts in your Twitter account as if they were you, long after you’ve died?  Could someone alter or delete previous postings to hide crimes or hinder investigations?   Is a deceased person’s estate governed by Virginia’s online/inheritance laws if they move to Illinois after the account agreement is established?   If a modern-day DaVinci explains Mona Lisa’s smile to a friend via email, could that explanation be lost forever with a click of a corporate mouse?  What is the monetary worth of access to a deceased politician’s most personal correspondence?   What if Elvis had online accounts?

Digital companies each have their own policies regarding the death of a subscriber.  Some end the account immediately, gone, boom, deleted forever.  In a new proposal to the Uniform Law Commission, the representative or executor of an estate could access your accounts but could not control your accounts.  As in, your surviving wife can read all of your emails but she can’t send emails from your account.

Think about it.  Are you living your life in a way that this won’t embarrass you if you get hit by a bus?   Feel a sudden need to consult legal advice?



Virginia Reviews Gas Drilling Regulations

by staff on July 17, 2014

Recently on our Farm Blog we’ve been keeping track of the local conversations about the issues of mining for gas in Virginia.  We’ve talked about proposed gas pipelines and where they will exist near our area.

But we want to mention it on this Charlottesville blog too because this issue can potentially impact residential Buyers and Sellers as well.  The gas companies are arranging leases with property owners and in some cases those leases may allow the controversial practice of fracking in the earth to release the gasses.  Buyers may want to seek this information when they do their due diligence for their purchase, and the nature of the property may determine if adjacent parcels could impact the soil or water or air as well.

The VA Dep’t of Mines, Minerals and Energy has sponsored a group to review the current VA laws as they pertain to issues such as drilling methods, disclosure of chemicals used in the mining process, and groundwater quality.  For the benefit of property buyers it would be helpful to have a convenient reference source of current/existing leases.  And also sellers need to be prepared for these questions too.


Virginia Summer Solstice Wine Festival

by Sue on June 14, 2014

Wine Festivals Near CharlottesvilleLazy Days Winery
Amherst, VA
June 21 and June 22, 2014

The Virginia Summer Solstice Wine Festival at Lazy Days Winery was the winner of The Virginia Wine Lovers Best Festival in Central Virginia in 2013! You won’t be disappointed by all they offer! Local wines and growers, live music, arts and crafts, festival foods, kids inflatable bouncers and even a petting zoo! You can check out the venders and wineries and even purchase your ticket at the Virginia Summer Solstice Wine Festival website.

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Keswick VA Farm Festival

June 11, 2014

Central Virginia locals know that the estate area just east of Charlottesville in Keswick has some of the most spectacular scenery and horse farms in the country.  This Saturday on June 14, 2014 those residents contribute their efforts and talents to support charities by offering a fair for people to see some of the gorgeous farms in the Keswick […]

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A Special Pool With Views

June 8, 2014

Recently the folks at Realtor Magazine have reinforced a concept that we believe is important for both buyers and sellers.  Their recent polls confirm that the outdoor spaces are as important to many people as other spaces of the home.   As in, let’s come home from work and relax or entertain outside. Of course the investment of […]

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Land Trust Day June 7, 2014

June 4, 2014

If you are out shopping Saturday and happen to be at Barracks Road Shopping Center and looking for some outdoor gear or clothing. Please stop by the Great Outdoor Provision Co. They are donating 10% of their sales to the Piedmont Environmental Council. This is a win-win!

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Virginia Tidbits

June 2, 2014

We’re only weeks away from celebrating the birth of our nation and to get in the spirit of things we’re beginning by sharing some information about our own state of Virginia.  Virginia’s history is rich in interesting tidbits of local color.  Of the 4,000 battles that were fought during the Civil War, 2,200 of them […]

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Your Identity While Moving

May 29, 2014

This has actually happened to me.  We were moving quite a distance from our then-current home.  We were back and forth to our new location on several occasions while we were house-hunting and closing on our new purchase.  As anyone who’s ever moved will know…. there are more than a few details involved in getting […]

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James River Batteau Festival

May 29, 2014

The James River Batteau Festival kicks off on June 14, 2014. This 8 day journey down the James River begins in Lynchburg and ends at Maidens Landing in Richmond. Launch will be at 11:00AM from Percival’s Island. The Scottsville stop is scheduled for June 19, 2014 and it is always a festive stopover with live […]

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